Toit Volant goes proudly where many apparel companies fail to.

We approach designing and manufacturing apparel with a goal to leave the industry in a better place than where we left it.

We place people first in all of our processes with a an experienced eye on production for the better.  We do not compromise ever on producing fashion with humanity and compassion, advocating for the rights and betterment of all peoples in the production pipeline.

Our Why

The fashion industry is one of the most divisive and problematic business model plagued by overproduction, labor inequalities & exploitation, toxic pollution, and waste creation. 

With 5 years under our belt running a Los Angeles based apparel factory (Nana Atelier RIP) - founded with the intentions to do things “right” - we have witnessed the reality of the garment industry first hand.

From systemic oppressions and exploitation, governmental neglect and industry “best practices” the system is rigged to be constantly snowballing its unsustainable effects.  

This perspective has been eye-opening but has giving us the advantage through experience. Just like when we ran our factory we have pledged to support workers rights and encourage sustainable practices by offering solutions for incremental change.

We Pledge

We know that as a fashion brand we can’t always avoid contributing to industry issues. But we do know that we can continue to improve and stand our ground advocating and educating for change. This is why we follow a set of pledges that we as a company vow to uphold: 

  • To be Aware & Mindful of every detail in the process and strive to continue to improve sustainability and equitability. 

  • To produce with Intention in small production practices and approach design from a  low waste lens from the start through the end. 

  • To Reduce the gap between creator and consumer and to promote empathy and understanding for the human beings behind the product.

  • To continuously Evolve with machinery, technology, materials and practices to increase sustainable efficiencies . 

  • To approach the fashion industry from the perspective of social impact through supporting teaching and education programs 

  • To Share our definitive checklist with others in the industry to follow to.

  • To Support landfill contribution transparency resources and tools for others in the industry to utilize to help curb waste / To offer tools to Master yield and efficiency of design and calculate the volume you add to landfills.