We are Toit Volant

An independent Los Angeles womenswear brand. We stand at the intersection of elevated garments and ethical production, rooted in our dedication to local and domestic manufacturing, small batch production, and long-lasting craftsmanship. Guided our responsibility to people and planet, we weave together style and sustainability, holding true to our ongoing commitments to our community, environment, and customers.

Occasion-less Finery

We design and produce elements that are foundational statement pieces for everyday wear. Giving the feeling of luxury without being stuffy, while still being easy to care for. 

Our Values

Occasionless Finery

We design and produce elements that are foundational statement pieces for everyday wear. Giving the feeling of luxury without being stuffy, but is still easy to care for.

People First Production 

We value a people first commitment to manufacturing and seek to advance and normalize fair and just treatment of garment producers. We aim to reduce the gap between creator and consumer and to promote empathy and understanding for the human beings behind the product.

A Culture of Teaching

Our heritage is founded in Alnea’s academia which continues to thread through the Toit Volant brand. We lead by example and look to indoctrinate all that will follow to find solutions to design and manufacturing to support a more equitable and sustainable industry.

Meet Your Maker

Toit Volant was founded in 2017 by Alnea and her Husband Arno in Los Angeles, CA

Alnea is a seasoned professor in Fashion Design who is responsible for teaching many of notable designers and creative directors in the industry today. Her extensive sartorial academic lens sweeps across historical design references, praised fashion masters and iconic details from past and present luxury design houses. Her dream was to make luxury design principles accessible at a reachable price point in wearable, comfortable and (most importantly) washable materials. 

Alnea and Arno are an active vocal allies towards garment worker’s rights, with the goal of normalizing fair and just treatment of garment producers. The founders thought it ridiculous to pay a technician less than the average price of a cup of coffee in L.A. to produce a T-shirt, which is why they built Nana Atelier upon four key elements: language, the physical space itself, treatment of workers, and environmental impact.

Our Sound Standards

Toit Volant's ongoing narrative revolves around educating consumers about ethical standards in the fashion industry. Their goal is to bring dignity and strength back to the challenging work of garment manufacturing by championing fair treatment, fair wages, and a clean working environment. In doing so, Toit Volant stands as a beacon in an industry often marred by unethical practices, embodying principles of respect, care, and a profound appreciation for the artistry of their work.

Facing a setback when their Los Angeles-based factory, Nana Atelier, tragically burned down in 2022, Alnea and her partner Arno resiliently pivoted to working with trusted manufacturing partners.These partners undergo rigorous reviews to meet Toit Volant Manufacturing Standards, emphasizing high labor and quality control standards. This strategic shift highlights Toit Volant's unwavering commitment to ethical practices, even in the face of adversity.