Our Ethical Manufacturing Standards

Toit Volant is not just a fashion brand but a staunch advocate for garment worker rights.

Our philosophy revolves around a deep appreciation for skilled labor, recognizing the equal importance of every team member, from designers to machinists. In contrast to industry norms, Toit Volant prioritizes expertise over pushing for excessive speed and volume, firmly rejecting piecework to ensure fair treatment and respect for their team members.

In order to spark more change in the fashion industry, we are proud to share our standards with the fashion industry, consumers, and the world.

The Value Of Work

At our core, we uphold the value of skilled labor. We believe that every worker, including a machinist and  technician in the garment industry, is as valuable to the fashion industry as a designer, model,  photographer, or graphic designer.  

Garment manufacturing is difficult, labor-intensive work. Garment manufacturers can gain larger margins  through increased speed and volume of production, but this comes with the associated burden of pushing  hard physical labor onto workers.  

Instead of pushing for this speed and volume, we value our manufactaturing partner’s team’s skills and expertise. We look for factories where Operations and Floor Managers are mindful of the work load and speed endured by their workers

We do not engage in piecework. We do not believe in pushing for unreasonable speed to make  up our margins. We treat our facility not as an input-output machine but as a team of human hands with  valued skills. We strive for a healthy professional work environment that is trusting, caring, and nurturing for  our entire team. We take pride in our love of the craft and the appreciation of the artistry of our work.  

Our Sound Manufacturing Standards

Fair Wages

Our manufacturing partners are in compliance with the Los Angeles County minimum wage, currently at $17.00 as of February 2024. We pursue factories who progressively raise employee living standards through improved wage systems, benefits, welfare programs and other services, which exceed legal requirements and enhance quality of life. 

Working Hours

Our factories shall not require workers to work more than the regular and overtime hours allowed by the law of the country where the workers are employed. The regular work week shall not exceed 48 hours or the maximum allowed by the law of the country of manufacture, whichever is less. Employers shall allow workers at least 24 consecutive hours of rest in every seven-day period. The sum of regular and overtime hours in a week shall not exceed 60 hours or the maximum allowed by the law of the county of manufacture, whichever is less.

Garment Manufacturing Licenses & Insurance

Each and every one of our manufacturing partners are required to submit a copy of their Garment Manufacturer License. A Garment Manufacturer License is renewed annually. A valid  Garment Manufacturer License provides assurance of compliance with Federal and Californian labor and safety regulations.

Los Angeles is a horizontal manufacturing system with contract specialty for spaghettis, bias bindings,  ruffles, novelty trimmings. Our partners are in compliance to work with subcontractors for all novelty trimmings and specialty machine work.  

Machinery & Equipment 

Our manufacturer partner’s machines and equipment are tested for safety and maintenance. We work closely with our factories to ensure the operators use and change the machine needles for every 50-100 units based on the fabrication and style to avoid sewing damages.

Biohazard Waste

Los Angeles requires manufacturer’s to set protocols for broken needle disposal into a biohazard sanitation container, including a  log for all broken needles. This is a requirement to pass OSHA audits for all Los Angeles factories. 

Public Health & Safety Inspections

Our partner facilities go through inspection from the Public Health and Safety Department. Public Health and Safety Department representatives schedule every  3 months to ensure the facility passes all required regulations for operation.  

Local economy

We are committed to working with our local vendors and suppliers. We build partnerships with trusted and  responsible suppliers in the supply chain.  

We believe in contributing to our local economy. We understand overseas production offers competitive  pricing but we aim to continue to work with our local vendors in Los Angeles and nationwide.  

Recycle & Up-cycle, Zero Waste, Mindful Fabric Utilization  

Our factories and suppliers are equipped with the appropriate waste and recycling bins for productions. We work closely with our factories to implement zero waste through education and on-going dialogue to strive towards a circular model. We ask our factories to properly do their best to work with recycling protocols required for the fabric and textile waste generated from apparel  production.

Carbon Footprint

We prioritize working with domestic mills in the USA along with local vendors/ suppliers with  responsible and certified practices in the supply chain.  

Cotton & Natural Fiber Commitment

80% of our garments are produced with 100% cotton. As a brand, we prioritize and commit to natural fibers and cotton before considering any close out synthetic fibers. 

Recycle & Upcycle

We donate excess yardages and trims to our local community college, Los Angeles Trade  Tech and local design schools. We have built a reputation with independent artists to collect excess and scraps to re-use for art work materials.  

Have a Question?

Reach out! We are happy to help answer any questions about our standards and practices weather you are another brand looking for guidance or a customer with a curious mind.