I am excited to see Zoe Aja Moore's art direction project for LACMA “In my Arms (like a raft, like rope).

We met a month before the fire. We had such a great time chatting about art and fashion. When she proposed a potential collaboration for In My Arms (like a raft, like rope), I immediately melted and giddy with excitement. Then the fire happened.

In all these murky, muddy, painful, chaotic days, I love how Zoe continued to trust in me to work on her LACMA project. She made it incredibly easy. I sent simple sketches of a T-shirt and a jumpsuit that she immediately approved without even seeing a prototype.  A dream collaboration. I sketched a T-shirt inspired by my beautiful friend Kim’s vintage Tee. A simple T-shirt sketch with slits in the shoulders to represent the weight of the trauma caused by the fire. Fashion has always been a form of expression. A simple t-shirt the embodies passage of grief, heartache, tears, rebuilding and healing.

Zoe and Alnea at Zoe's studio in Los Angeles

Fashion, art, design has always been a healing element in my life. I have always used the design process to translate my journeys, my observations, my reactions to my world, the world outside my world into shapes, drapes, colors, themes, inspirations, fabrics and so much more.

We are giddy to present our Zokimo Slit T-shirt paired with our Libra pants being worn by 7 performance artists for Zoe’s LACMA art performance tonight Wednesday, October 19, 2022. She’s an artist to watch.

Thank you Zoe for the creative healing. Excited to launch our Zokimbo Slit T-shirt next week.


With love,



[10/20 Edit]:

The performance to say the least was incredibly moving, it tore through the center and shook the audience. Congratulations and thank you for inviting Toit Volant to be apart of your impactful piece. Such a dream to see the performers in our Zokimo Slit Tee and Libra pants. Love love love! @zoeaja

Some images from the performance:


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