Our process begins with contemporary design at an affordable price. All of our garments are designed in house by our owner and designer, Alnea Farahbella. Alnea has over 10 years of design experience, spending time traveling and teaching in both Asia and the United States. Her approach to design is rooted in the belief that every woman is bold, dynamic, powerful, and intelligent. Her goal is to create powerful clothing that is built to last, crafted with quality and sustainability in mind.

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Our commitment to sustainability starts by using fabrics made in the U.S. Prioritizing domestically produced fabrics reduces our carbon footprint while supporting the financial viability of our local communities.

The majority of our SS22 collection has been crafted with 100% cotton fabrics as we are consistently looking to increase our usage of natural and organic fibers. At times, the use of synthetic fabrics is unavoidable due to the demands of a particular garment’s construction, when this occurs, we commit to using recycled fabrics to offset the waste created by synthetics. 

With our SS22 collection, we committed to using natural fabrics. The collection is nearly 100% natural, featuring beautiful silks, linens, and 100% organic OEKO-TEX® certified cotton.

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Typically, the dying process can be the most harmful step of garment production. We strive to limit the harm of garment dying by prioritizing eco-friendly processes. Our local dying partners follow strict CA dye regulations to reduce the harm created by the chemical process.


All of our garments are produced at our factory, NANA ATELIER, in Los Angeles. We believe in ethical manufacturing and the notion of Made in LA. All of our highly skilled machinists and technicians are paid fair wages and work in a safe and spacious working environment. By owning our own factory, we are able to control our production to ensure our standards of quality and sustainability are being met.

We work within the current limitations of garment manufacturing, while taking every necessary step to limit our waste and carbon footprint. We do not claim to be 100% sustainable, however, we are constantly looking for and implementing new ways to refine and improve our process.

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Quality Control

The final step of our process is quality control. Our team examines every garment to ensure the highest level of quality, in order to prolong the life of a garment. Fast fashion does not prioritize longevity, leading to more pollution and waste as the consumer cycles through low quality garments. We aim to make high quality crafted clothing at an affordable price, built to last in an effort to offset unnecessary waste.

Eco-friendly packaging

At Toit Volant, we are seriously committed to limit the use of virgin plastics. Our packaging is provided by Ecoenclose, a responsible US company leading the way toward more sustainable packaging practices. We are using their 100% Recycled EcoX Paper mailers, a 100% recycled content and 70% post-consumer waste, plastic free, curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable mailer. Our monogram is printed on it with Algae Ink, the world’s most ecologically advanced ink. Our inner packaging is 100% FSC certified virgin paper, curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable as well.