Words cannot describe how saddened we are to share the news of the devastating fire that consumed our factory, Nana Atelier and  our brands (Toit Volant and Et Tigre) entire inventory. It took 180 fire fighters to fight the fire that destroyed 6 buildings on our block. All businesses, including ours, disintegrated leaving us with a horrific lost.

We watched our building burn down with severe heartbreak. Thankfully, it was a holiday, so Nana Atelier team members were not in the factory. The fire quickly took down our building, causing our roof to collapse. We lost all of our inventory and fabrics. Everything, with the exception of what was stored at our Canadian counterpart, has been lost.

We are kindly asking for patience as we go through and refund orders we are unable to fulfill. We will need time to rebuild our brands, but please know that when we get there - it will be

even better than before. For wholesale inquiries, we were able to save both et Tigre and Toit Volant sample sets and will show SS23 during NY Market this month.


Thank you so much for your support,

Alnea, Arno + the Toit Volant Team