above photograph: Alnea Farahbella, Toit Volant Designer
Toit Volant is an independent contemporary womenswear brand. Our designs are versatile, effortlessly bold, playful, adaptable and affordable.
Our collections are responsibly crafted in Los Angeles through our own factory, Nana Atelier.  We pride ourselves in supporting local vendors, keeping the jobs locally, fair wages and non-bullshit ethical production. 
Toit Volant is an evocative. We like to think we bring fashion and style for real woman.

Alnea Farahbella, the designer of Toit Volant bring her diverse experiences into the brand. She lived overseas for nearly a decade before returning back to the US to begin the brand. Toit Volant means Flying Roof. Alnea shares her experiences of home, culture, art, diversity through the designs. 
She loves dogs and dress making. She maintains a sense of humor and lightheartedness in her everyday life happenings. Most importantly she is passionately driven about design, art and the process of making. 

A decade of living overseas, the designer has an extensive fashion background that  includes years of teaching in prestigious fashion design programs; Pratt Institute New York, Parsons The New School as the MFA design studio manager and Raffles Institute Asia. Her travels and professional experiences gave the designer an honest realistic view into the world of fashion and manufacturing.

The time of living overseas, exposure to luxury brands development, walking through fabric markets around the world provided an education of the reality of excess textiles, mass production, unconscionable sample productions caused by the nature and extreme demands of fashion.

In 2013, the designer committed to establish a brand that supports small business owners, responsible sourcing of textiles and materials, limited mindful quantities. In 2017, she opened up Nana Atelier, a small service manufacturer in the middle of the pinata district in downtown Los Angeles. Nana Atelier prides itself in fair wages, healthy working environment.
The idea of Nana Atelier is to create beautiful garments in a clean inspiring space where sewing operators have the same value as designers.
The designer loves the planet. In a dirty industry, she makes tremendous efforts to utilize fabrics at its potential to minimize waste and be kind to the planet. She maintains her pledge in creating a brand that is responsible and ethical. 

Our company is dedicated to being personal, intimate with the craft of dress making without the luxury price tag. The Toit Volant woman wearing our designs, share the ideology of investing moderately in fashion consumption. Toit Volant woman needs longevity, quality and exclusivity. Our brand aims for loyalty and trust in our products.